The Urban Class Boutique’s dream team came through and delivered. ..”

“The Urban Class Boutique’s dream team came through and delivered. With only a day’s notice, they under promised and over delivered. Setting the ambiance for our VIP gifting suite for our corporate sponsors for the Bad Boy and the Family Reunion Tour. “

Caroline Dias | Bad Boy Records Operations Manager

S/O to Tamisha for the Instagram Corporate Plug!

S/o to Tamisha for the Instagram Corporate Plug! I appreciate you helping me get the @businessrulesforwomen account fixed! That's major! ❤️Xoxo

Gabrielle Deculus | Business Rules For Women- CEO & EXPERT MARKETER.


The Urban Class Boutique’s services has created a colorful and well-defined look for my business and personal brand, definitely my go-to branding coach!

Somone B. | Phenomenal Concierge//Estate Liaison & Midwife


I struggled with my target audience and existing clients..”

I struggled with my target audience and existing clients.I was tagged in an Instagram post for a free fashion stylist workshop The Urban Class Boutique was giving. I came in late on the webinar however,I begin to ask questions. I believe this was God doing his work. In the past, I had reached out to other brand management companies, they weren’t helpful. Also, I was frustrated because I’m a properly trained wardrobe stylist. I am currently in my observational year for the apprenticeship program after graduation or TBA. I’d often wonder how other stylists were so successful and why weren’t I? After I began working with The Urban Class Boutique, I was able to identify my target market, charge the right prices. Now I understand there is a lot of money to made in my business, if I put my personal feelings aside such as pride and fear and ask for help. Also, I gained confidence I now know I am very talented.

Chyna | Style Republik // Costume Wardrobe Designer & Stylist

My followers increased by 300+ in one week, I'LL TAKE IT!!!

Ni Ema and Tamisha Monet are great SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGISTS! My KINKy Krescendo Instagram's page reached 10,000 followers. To celebrate this occasion, they put together a GREAT giveaway. They gave me some amazing tips on how to properly and EFFECTIVELY to engage with my followers. During the giveaway, I had to handle a serious family emergency.

The Urban Class Boutique stepped right in and took care of EVERYTHING!!!

In the end, my followers increased (300+ in one week, I'LL TAKE IT) and I have a better understanding about social media. I found the experience very helpful yet SO much fun & I would HIGHLY recommend The Urban Class Boutique to anyone that needs help getting that RIGHT exposure for their social media needs!

LaFonda | Kinky Krescendo CEO & Natural Hair Advocate