How to Turn Likes Into Cash

 If Instagram were to crash (as we’ve all experienced on numerous occasions) or change their policy forcing you to pay to solicit your services, or pay for their app. How safe would your business be? Yes, you have thousands of followers. However, how many of those followers are actually subscribed to your email list? What if your Instagram gets deleted, how will you connect with your audience? Why is, having an email list a vital tool for your success as a business owner? It provides a line of communication between you and your consumer. Allowing you to build a rapport with your target audience.

Also, identifying your target audience takes market research and consumer analysis which could be initiated, but not fulfilled by Instagram alone. It will take you building a budding relationship beyond the gram. So, instead of doing yourself an injustice and digging through needles in a haystack, promote to those who truly connect with your brand. As if you weren’t aware already everybody who’s watching isn’t buying what you’re selling, let alone liking, which is neither here or there as likes aren’t converted to currency. Your link in your bio should take your customers directly to your website’s landing page to submit their email address or send them to a link asking them to submit their email address to your subscription list.

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